A kind person named Togepi on the YaoiOtaku.com website has shared with me the following release schedule for Chinese Yaoi/BL – as you can see, there is much to look forward to:

2016 (October to December)
He Can 人造暖男 – October 31
Love is in a Blaze 1944 锦城骄阳
Alternative Love 另类爱情之独一无二 – Part 2
Advance Bravely 盛势
Confession 告白三部曲
Scourges 祸害成患妖成灾
Fly in Shallow 拐个弯儿来爱你
Cool Breeze Without a Word 清风不语
The Fox of Liao Zhai 男狐聊斋秀郎
Rebirth 重生君颜
SND 系草和校草
Attraction 浴缸神探之万有引力
Everything Starts from the Time We Met 一切从相遇开始
Q Hero 超萌一家
The South 南方
Against the Light 逆光源 – re-release
The Fanatic Love 第一初恋
Innate Differences 天生不同
Superstar & Ordinary People 综艺小白和三栖巨腕
The Fairy Fox 我的室友是狐仙
Emperor’s Men 王的男妃

Uncut Versions:
Uncontrolled Love – end of October
Sunset Night Legend – end of November
Love is More than a Word – end of November
A Round Trip to Love – December

The Acheron Guardian 阴司守门人
Ghost Boyfriend 灵界基友 – Part 2
The Promise 意许遗诺 – Part 2
Sunset Night Legend 暮夜传说 – Parts 2 and 3
Han Zi Gao, the Male Queen 韩子高 – Part 2
Number 10 YanDaiXie Street 烟袋斜街10号 – Part 2

Other (vague BL / bromance):
Proud of Love 别那么骄傲 – Part 2
Men with Swords 刺客列传 – Part 2