In the process of compiling my list of Asian gay films and series with happy endings and English subtitles, I found many films that looked promising, but which lacked English translation.

The Yaoi/BL audience is fortunate to have a dedicated cadre of professional and volunteer translators in East Asia and around the world who have provided so much translated content. Nevertheless, I would like to share certain live action films which some of you might enjoy, even without the benefit of English subtitles. If subtitles are someday added, that will be even better.

Here is my Yaoi/BL live action translation wish list:

*Japanese short films:

*Chinese movies:

* Chinese series:

* Chinese short films:

*Vietnamese movies

*Vietnamese series

*Vietnamese short films

*Filipino/Pinoy movies

*Filipino/Pinoy short films

*Thai movies

*Thai series

*Thai short films

*Indonesian movies